Two years ago, while traveling through the Southwest, visiting our National Parks. The Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Bend. Zion. Bryce. Cruising through Mother Nature’s playground surrounded by beauty — in a car. Needed to experience it on my bike. But the bike was parked in a garage 1,600 miles away!

There were two problems to solve: the need to have a bike to ride and the waste of a bike sitting in a garage unused while busy or away.  Working on a folding table, a plan was crafted.  The vision was clear — Ride the World. People need motorcycles everywhere.

The name, Twisted Road,  leaning into a turn, making your own path, exploring, the journey, the ride … made perfect sense. It’s about not knowing what’s around the bend but being able to enjoy the moment.

Twisted Road is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace for renting motorcycles anywhere in the world … from other motorcycle riders.