"The Place Where Passion for Motorcycles and Friends Meet."
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Welcome to Motopia

Motopia is a one-of-a-kind place created by and for our members.  Our members are a group of like-minded individuals with similar passions and interests that also enjoy participating in the day-to-day running of the Club.  Our members range from true motorcycle enthusiasts that want to enjoy their passion in an upscale and inviting environment (we also have a motorcycle garage), to neighbors that appreciate a home-away-from-home to meet with friends or just hang out, to business people that need an inviting place to meet with colleagues and/or clients.

The Club offers its members a full European coffee house, a restaurant with a nice selection of beers and wines, a comfortable lounge with leather chairs and a fireplace, a business center with everything anybody would need for an office-away-from-the-office environment, and, for our motorcycle enthusiasts, a complete motorcycle detail and repair shop.  The motorcycle shop is actually surrounded by large plate glass observation windows for anybody in the Club to watch motorcycles being worked on.

In essence, our members have turned Motopia into many of their ideal locations at the same time:

  • My Office – a place that is cool, inviting, and inspiring to be creative and productive
  • My Motorcycle Club – a place to hang out with other motorcycle enthusiasts or to get your motorcycle worked on
  • My Neighborhood Club – a nice place to hang out with people from around my neighborhood 

Our founder, Rene Larrave, has been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years. He particularly enjoys the friendships and bonds that are created while traveling to the farthest reaches of the world. He has visited more than 50 countries on his motorcycle and just completed a trip across Asia from Europe to Mongolia through 21 countries. His vision of creating a place for motorcycle enthusiasts to share their passion, and get the most from it, was the driving force behind the development of Motopia.

The Club's facilities - motorcycle garage, coffee house and restaurant, business center, etc. - have all been designed to fulfill the promise of providing a unique environment to maximize our enjoyment of motorcycles.  Motopia is managed and run by its members for its members and it is a not-for-profit business.


Private Club
Thursday 5pm - 10 pm

Sundays 7:30 - 8:30am
(Announced in Newsletter)
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 Garage Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Or, by appointment 214-443-8389

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